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I'm Kate and I'm from Canada. Sometimes I draw stuff.

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b&w and colored

been a long time since I drew mitchell but this time it was the skyrim kink meme version… it’s a long story 

no kate stop designing curly brown haired blue-eyed boys

i started this like two months ago but I only finished it today

quick doodle - prompt was ‘strawberry knight’

also w/original palette i started off with. final product of course has alterations

yay shit ipod quality pics

Bigby wolf, done a few weeks ago that i forgot to upload

why do i draw spn so often when I have such a love-hate relationship with the show?

ahahaha fuck drawing hands

aka skinwalker goats and wolves are uselss when it comes to getting help

I went through all my old sketchbooks

This is circa grade four I had to redraw it

randy said redraw the whole page and i was like “fuck nah man”

she looks like a 90’s teen sitcom protag jfc

theangelgabrieldidmyhair said:
for the drawing palette thing: rogue and 23 orrr if you would be willing to do a shippy thing, hank mccoy/charles xavier and 11?


I did both whoops

Anonymous said:
#25 for Queenie from American Horror Story?


I watched like one episode of AHS Murder House before screaming and hiding under my blankets so I haven’t actually seen AHS Coven, but I hope this is suitable!

another war of the tales chibi yo

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