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I'm Kate and I'm from Canada. Sometimes I draw stuff.

Commission Info (Currently 3 Slots Open)

quick doodle - prompt was ‘strawberry knight’

also w/original palette i started off with. final product of course has alterations

yay shit ipod quality pics

Bigby wolf, done a few weeks ago that i forgot to upload

why do i draw spn so often when I have such a love-hate relationship with the show?

ahahaha fuck drawing hands

aka skinwalker goats and wolves are uselss when it comes to getting help

I went through all my old sketchbooks

This is circa grade four I had to redraw it

randy said redraw the whole page and i was like “fuck nah man”

she looks like a 90’s teen sitcom protag jfc

theangelgabrieldidmyhair said:
for the drawing palette thing: rogue and 23 orrr if you would be willing to do a shippy thing, hank mccoy/charles xavier and 11?


I did both whoops

Anonymous said:
#25 for Queenie from American Horror Story?


I watched like one episode of AHS Murder House before screaming and hiding under my blankets so I haven’t actually seen AHS Coven, but I hope this is suitable!

another war of the tales chibi yo

practicing chibi poses with rp characters from my group on dd

isabelle and anne were probably my fave to draw. and luke too bc luke is my precious lil cynical dork bby

Commissions are now officially open!

I have 3 available slots. After they’re filled I will close commissions, and after they’re finished I’ll open up the slots again. First come, first serve. I’ll edit the post when ever a slot is closed

Semi-Realistic Bust (8$)
- Additional Shading +0.50
- Optional Background
- Digital or Traditional 

Chibi Style Bust (5$)
- Free Shading
- Optional Background
- Dark Gray or Black Linework 

Chibi Style Action Pose (8$) 
- Additional Shading +0.50, Wings +1$
- Optional Background 
- Optional White Outline around Character

Chibi Style Standing/Sitting (5-7$)
- Black/White - 5$
- Full Color - 7$
- Additional Shading +0.50, Wings +1$

If you have any questions, please email me @, so tumblr doesn’t eat the message.  

Payment Methods: My paypal email is Just go to and enter my email and the cost of your picture, then follow the rest of the instructions. Or you can click the donate button on my blog.

 -NOTE- Please only make your payment after I’ve sent you a watermarked copy of the finished commission!

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