Doodling Through Life
I'm Kate and I'm from Canada. Sometimes I draw stuff.

Commission Info (Currently Closed due to school)

skyrim husbando

idk if i wanna draw or play skyrim or oblivion i want to do all three 

I still have to pack the rest of my books but i’m waiting for mom to sign the papers before i consider this house thing final

the only times i’ve woken up early this summer was when a) the times when randy slept over and b) when the cat kept catching mice and meowing at me until i woke up to get rid of the corpses

b&w and colored

been a long time since I drew mitchell but this time it was the skyrim kink meme version… it’s a long story 

no kate stop designing curly brown haired blue-eyed boys

i started this like two months ago but I only finished it today

quick doodle - prompt was ‘strawberry knight’

also w/original palette i started off with. final product of course has alterations

yay shit ipod quality pics

Bigby wolf, done a few weeks ago that i forgot to upload

why do i draw spn so often when I have such a love-hate relationship with the show?

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